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The Roero

Wine, tourism and nature of high quality

Roero is a region in the northeastern part of the province of Cuneo in Piedmont, and is named after the family that, for centuries, has affected the daily life of its inhabitants.
Roero is wine, tourism and nature: the great local wines including Pratunet’s wine, the 24 villages and the proximity with the nature of the region crisscrossed with interesting trails which are all walkable. Among the most fascinating, we should mention the trails of the Ecomuseum of the Roero rocks that unite the eight highest municipalities: over 100 km of nature, all available for us to enjoy. From Monte d'Alba, Roero can be admired from the "Beekeeping Trail" as well the "Religious Trail", from the "Trail of the Truffle", and the "Chestnut Trail" as well as the "Trail of the Wolf". In the municipality of Santo Stefano Roero the "Trail of the Game" can be found. The municipality of Monteu Roero offers the "Water Trail", the "Castagna Granda Trail", the "Fossa dei Cinghiali Trail", and the "Trail of the Fossils". In the municipality of Sommariva Perno you can walk along the "Trail of Asfodeli". In Pocapaglia, the "Trail of the Rock Creusa", the "Trail of Masca Micilina", and the "Botanical Trail of Verna” can be found. In Vezza d'Alba you can find the "Trail of Tasso", the "Trail of Madernassa Pera", the "Trail of Trifolao" and the "Trail of Torion". For the more adventurous, there is the "Great Way of the Roero" which winds for about 40 km from Bra to Cisterna d'Asti.