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Roero: every hill has its own wine

The vineyard, the essence of the hill where it was planted. Every hill in Roero has its own aromas and flavours that can be found in the wine. The vineyards of Patrunet extend over 11 hectares and are mainly located in the municipality of Vezza but are also present in Guarene, Castagnito and Corneliano, villages in the region of Roero capable of providing exquisite wines. Attention to nature is priority: integrated pest management shows this, such as the task of fighting against Flavescence dorée, the control of weeds on the land, mowing the grass between the vine rows and keeping the grass natural. These operations are supplemented by careful ploughing in alternating rows, carried out every two years, to invigorate the soil which is fertilized with natural organic manure.
Therefore, this best allows the natural growth of the plant and the ripening of the grapes that are protected by vegetation which is carefully controlled by lightly cutting it back.