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I Patrunet

We value the wine tradition

Roero, as you know, is an area suited to the production of wine. Although this is the case, there are certain entities, in the area, that are trying to give it added value: these companies are run with great family spirit and have a history of dedication and passion for wine and for the hills. Patrunet has been one of these companies since the beginning of the1800s. Moreover, the name has a curious but significant meaning: in Piedmont "patrunet" means "young lord", and this nickname was given to the great-grandfather of the current owners. The young lord of land in the area, a precious gift from Roero which, in the following years, the Battaglino family was able to enhance, through their efforts and pursuit of quality, including in the vineyard itself.
"Young lord": for Patrunet this also means being owners of vineyards that bear grapes for a wine that provides the aromas and flavours of Roero.
A philosophy that their great-grandfather, Giuseppe, his children and future generations have continued and perfected in the 1900s with the sale of wine in bulk as well as a certain amount of bottled wine, since the 1960s. Furthermore, since the 1980s, the brand has been distributed more regularly, and the current owners, cousins Claudio and Stefano, offer different wines following the tradition inherited from their family and the innovation of our times. Friendliness is always the foundation of the relationship with the customer, so they may also feel a little bit '"Patrunet".