Frequently Asked Questions

“Il sentiero del Tasso” Soundwalk

I downloaded Echoes but it doesn't seem to work, why?

We do not have the necessary knowledge to distinguish incompatibilities, bugs or other types of technical problems. Echoes is an app  developed and managed by an English company, which is financed by its users. For example, if you have problems with geolocation permissions, if the application suddenly closes or you cannot play the audio, write to:

Do you need headphones or a particular smartphone model?

Both open and closed, classic or bluetooth headphones should work. The app is available for the latest versions of Android and iOS, but we recommend checking the minimum requirements to make sure your device is supported.

Have you traced the Sentiero del Tasso?

No, but we are equally proud, perhaps even more so. The Sentiero del Tasso is part of the activities of an important body for the protection and study of our territory: the Rocche del Roero Ecomuseum. We are very attached to this path, which passes in front of the entrance of our winery, and runs along our vineyards at different points. For this reason, we simply thought of enhancing it through an “augmented reality” project.

How long does the journey take? Is it difficult?

In our experience, the journey time can range from 3.5 hours up to 5 hours. In itself it is not a difficult route: 600 meters of altitude difference in 12 km, between vineyards and woods. Those who are not accustomed to walking, those who do not have adequate clothing and, especially in summer, those who do not carry a supply of water and something to nibble can find themselves in trouble… But taken in small steps it is a route really suitable for everyone: children, the elderly or people with mild motor disabilities can still travel reduced stretches without encountering dangers or barriers.

Do I have to keep the headphones on all the time?

It's up to you. A look at the application allows you to understand how far away the next point of interest (echo) is. If you notice that you have skipped some content, you can always click on the “replay” button or restart the application.

What if there is no signal?

To avoid any trouble, we always recommend downloading the file in advance (perhaps at home via wi-fi, or in our cellar), so you will not need an internet connection to listen to the content. If, on the other hand, you started the walk in “stream” mode, you should know that there could be interruptions in case of poor connectivity.

What if I get lost /hurt or the sun goes down?

For starter … let's hope not! To avoid these problems, our advice is to inform yourself well before leaving (buy a map, check the weather, leave and return as soon as possible…). A nice website to organize the visit is but also the Municipality of Vezza d 'Alba provides a lot of useful information.
Since this experience is free and open, we can't take any responsibility; always remember that in case of serious problems, the emergency hotline number remains 112. 

When will we see the badger?

The badger is a nocturnal animal so it is very unlikely to meet it “live”. However, it is very exciting for both adults and children to find its traces or admire its lair (taking the utmost care not to disturb it). The place where it is most popular is obviously the Val Tassera, in the final stretch of the route.

Can we eat the grapes / cherries / peaches?

No. The vines, cherry trees, chestnuts, peaches, nuts and other fruit plants that meet along the way are farmers who live, work and protect this land. The fact that a plant or culture is not fenced does not constitute an exception to private property. The so-called “berries” (blackberries, currants) are instead a common good that can be used freely, it being understood that even animals should always have something to eat.