Patrunet Cellar


A name with deep roots

We like our name, a healthy root that keeps us grounded. Patrunet in Piedmontese, means ”young master”: this is how the locals called our great-great-grandfather, a simple farmer who marries the only daughter of the family he worked for, right before the beggining of twentieth century. We too feel small masters of these lands: not merely objects to be consumed, but goods to be kept, made to bear fruit and handed down.

Do you want to see our wine cellar?

It is a place where there is a lot going on, sometimes even all at the same time. It's an open door on the town square. A large table for gathering and a fireplace for when you need a warm hug. It is a small pantry but from which great delights come out. It is the place where Claudio and Stefanino work to turn grapes into wine. It is a crutin of yeasteryeas, a place sheltered from the shadows where wine can rest quietly and children can explore the dark corners, creating adventures and mysteries.


Our cellar is the right place to welcome you, let you taste our wines and savour flavours of our land. Here we can chat and prepare the packs with everything you want to take home with you. 

But we like to share another special place, when weather allows it. The ciabòt is located in the middle of our most beautiful vineyards and is always there, offering shelter and rest, just like when it was built. Where once you took shelter from the bad weather and recovered your strength from the hard work in the vineyard, today we run away from the rush of everyday life and rediscover the taste of conviviality.



The consortium

We are members of the Consortium for the Protection of Roero, because we believe in the power of sharing. Because we like to work together with other producers and growers to protect the vine and wine, which have always been the culture, passion and pride of farmers in the Roero hills.