Listen to the ”Sentiero del Tasso”

Singing and buzzing. Whistling, then footsteps and voices, creakings. While the feet trample the stërnìes, grass and the undergrowth and the eyes are filled with the infinite variety of shapes and colors of these lands, the sounds tell new surprising, invisible and secret stories.


Walk the Sentiero del Tasso (the Badger’s Path), use the augmented reality to immerse yourself in the sounds that tell the story of the land. All you need is a smartphone, headphones and the Echoes app. Listening to the Sentiero del Tasso is beautiful, it’s easy, it’s free: and it’s offered by Patrunet!

The Location

It begins and ends in the centre of Vezza d’Alba. Through vineyards and ridges, woods and stretches of valley floor, it crosses the territory of the municipality, runs through the villages and leads to the discovery of Val Tassera.


What you will find

Generation after generation, since ancient times, the dens of the Val Tassera have been populated by cute striped snouts. Their gentle growls punctuate the silence of the woods at night. But during the day there is no shortage of songs, buzzes and all those sounds that tell the life and activities of animals and men who live along the path.

Hear Claudio's story in preview…

How to listen

  1. Download the free Echoes app, get top-quality hiking shoes and headphones
  2. Search for “Il Sentiero del Tasso” in the list of experiences, download it in advance for an optimal experience
  3. Go right to the entrance of our wine cellar, activate the geolocation and start walking…

Let yourself be carried away by the sounds and stories that will accompany you as you advance along the path!

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