Patrunet Tastings

Come in and Join Us!

The door of our cellar overlooks one of the central squares of Vezza d'Alba, which bears the name of San Bernardo (you can’t go wrong).

We always gladly open our doors to show you what is going on inside and to let you discover a little of our work and our land.


And to share our products.  The world of difference that there is between tasting and consuming, it’s the same difference we think we can make here at Patrunet. That’s why we love having people here: maybe you don’t believe it, but measuring the slope of our hills with your eyes, taking a bite of a peach from the orchards around Vezza, smelling the smell that comes from the bricks of the cellar gives a new flavour to the wine you taste.


You may feel a bit hungry…

We sincerely hope so! Here we always have something good to taste between one glass and the other; simple and local foods, what is usually found in the kitchens and pantries of the houses of Vezza. If wine is culture, exploring the gastronomic tradition helps you understand it better. 

And then it would be a shame not to try everything that our hills offer us, beyond grapes: like hazelnuts or honey.


A table is a welcome

for everyone! No one should feel uncomfortable when sharing food, so if you want to eat vegan for us there is no problem. Depending on the season, we will be able to offer you delicious dishes and appetizers without animal ingredients. But we warn you: the omnivores will try to steal them from you!

#goodliving #together

The ciabòt

When the weather is nice enough we like to leave the Vezza winery for a while to enjoy the vineyards. You can join us and come and taste the wines while enjoying the view, strolling through the vineyards that produced them and maybe meeting some of the many species of inhabitants who come to keep us company from time to time.