Patrunet Wines

Nature doesn’t need labels

But knowledge, care and respect: the same Patrunet gives every day to the the vineyards and that will also find in your glass. We want our vineyards to be alive, as much as possible. We don’t use weedkillers, so our rows are full of flowers during the good season, even if working this way is more uncomfortable..



The soil is enriched by the fertiliser, which is always natural, with alternating rows. To avoid diseases and parasites, we do periodic checks with agronomists; we proceed with treatments only when it is really necessary. 

Our vineyards are interspersed with woods, meadows, hazelnuts; they are always disheveled, “with a long beard”, as we say. We share them with bees, badgers, caterpillars, deer families. And we’re really proud of that

Independent Winemakers

We have joined FIVI because we recognize ourselves in the vision of wine as more than a simple drink and of the winemaker as more than those who produces and markets it.

Wine is the culture and control of the territory. Wine has a story that the land has told us and that we as winemakers know how to translate and bring in the glass. The winemaker builds a bond with those who choose his product that goes beyond consumption: it is a dialogue. Even better, a friendship.

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Traveling Wines

We are delighted that our wines represent Roero in the selection that the Enzoteca Malli offers to wine lovers in Trimstein, near Bern. But that is not the only place where to find Patrunet’s wines outside our cellar: find the nearest one.